Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) Blueprint

Utilities are seeking to protect their systems from escalating wildfire devastation by establishing Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMPs). BKI’s standardized WMP Template (Plan and Mapping) is tailored to meet each state’s requirements while helping utility staff develop operational policies and practices to reduce, prepare for and respond to wildfire events.

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Daily Situational Awareness Tool

URC’s Daily Situational Awareness Tool (DSAT) is being developed by industry partners dedicated to providing access to easy-to-use and interpret information to help utilities make informed operational decisions around extreme weather.

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Equipment Qualification Procedure Tool

Is your substation prepared to survive an earthquake? Use Waypoint Seismic’s Equipment Qualification Procedure Tool (EQPT) to specify seismic requirements for equipment to improve seismic resiliency and help protect substations from costly outages and damage. 

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Utility Tools R&D

URC is dedicated to working with utilities, vendors, and other Content Collaborators to develop standardized content, programs, and products that are of value to the utility industry. Think of the URC as the Research & Development arm or incubator for common utility needs.

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Package Catalog

The URC is constantly seeking to identify common areas of utility need and is actively working to build a catalog of commonly needed content/programs/products.

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Subscription Services

  • We provide your utility with a Wildfire Mitigation Plan blueprint and create related wildfire maps specific to your region or service territory.
  • You’ll also get instructions, suggested language, and reference to current state requirements with identification of the relevant state administrative rules
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Consulting Services

  • We perform a limited, single review of your Wildfire Mitigation Plan draft.
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  • We provide a Wildfire Mitigation Plan presentation to your utility board, commission, or council.
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Product Preview

Consider the URC a Research & Development arm or incubator for electric utilities.

While our initial focus is in the areas of Engineering & Operations, Emergency Planning and Communications, over time, we expect interest areas to expand.

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