Daily Situational Awareness Tool

We have completed the demonstration phase of the Utility Resource Collaborative’s (URC’s) DSAT to help utilities make informed operational decisions around extreme weather. Thanks to the input of our industry and utility demonstration partners, we are suspending the DSAT in the near-term to make requested tool upgrades and add more features (see the partial list of current features below). We anticipate having the DSAT upgraded and relaunched early in the second quarter of 2023. If you are interested in learning more please email us at info@utilitycollab.com.

  1. Fire Danger
  2. Extreme Weather Alerts
  3. Data Archive
  4. Heat Index
  5. Air Quality Index
  6. Mobile App
  7. Real-Time User Defined Alerts

Note: Relaunch following DSAT upgrades in 2023

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