Wildfire Mitigation Plans

WMP Template & Mapping Methodology

The Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) program includes the following:

  • State-specific WMP template/blueprint with the following elements:
    • Objectives of the plan
    • Service territory overview and background
    • Wildfire Risk Maps
    • Background informational maps
    • Risk drivers and risk analysis
    • Wildfire prevention strategy and programs
    • Vegetation Management
    • Emergency preparedness and response
    • Performance metrics and monitoring
    • Community outreach and education
    • Additional information as required by state and local jurisdictions
  • Access to Wildfire Risk Map methodology
    • Wildfire Hazard Potential (WHP) zones by service territory
    • Instructions to create all WMP maps
    • ArcGIS data sets and instructions to create Wildfire Operations Maps (overlay system assets on WMP operational prioritization and threat awareness)
  • Community/Agency outreach and information support materials

WMP Consulting Support

Upon request, URC’s content collaborators (BKI) can be engaged to provide WMP support in the following areas:

  • WMP General Support (T&M): Offer general support, advice, and consultation during a utility’s WMP development process on a time and materials basis
  • WMP Independent Review: Perform a full utility WMP independent review. This includes a complete report with findings, recommendations, and identification of areas of improvement.
  • WMP Assessment: Provide a limited, single review of the draft WMP prepared by utility staff. The review will provide general suggestions to improve the WMP, which may include best practices, tracking metrics, and other thoughts to help fill any potential gaps in the plan.
  • WMP Board Presentation: Present to the utility board/commission/council at a mutually agreeable time.